Saturday, 31 March 2012

As I've already shown you the beautiful music sheets that arrived in the post this week I thought I would show you the rest of the music room.  As I said before the rooms in the Georgian house are quite small so I have to be very selective about what furniture I add.  Apart from the harpsichord (which takes up most of the space) I have a black lacquered lowboy and matching firescreen and a spare dining chair which will probably be replaced by a much nicer chair some time in the future.  On the mantlepiece there is a lovely little box of cigars and two silver candlesticks (not real silver).  The mirror is by Tarbena and the picture above the lowboy is just a cheap one I bought at a fair but it looks expensive.  On the lowboy is a silver galleried tray holding wine, champagne and glasses.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Look what arrived in the post!  The most beautiful little music sheets. They were made by Montserrat Folch who is a very talented miniaturist.  The music sheets are so beautiful and colourful I cannot find the words to describe them so I hope my pictures do them justice.   The harpsichord was made by Tony Scammels.  It is a replica of one played by Mozart.  I have waited twelve years to find the right music and these are so perfect they were worth the wait. Thanks Montserrat!

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I would like to share with you one of my favourite decorating mediums 'Embossed Wallpaper'.  It is inexpensive (you can even get free samples to use) and can add elegance to your period style rooms without adding too much 'bulk'.  I cut shapes from the paper to make ceiling roses and I look for rope twists and striped patterns that are about 1 inch wide to create coving etc.  I even used it to go up the stairs in this house which was tricky but not too difficult.  P.S. the beautiful real crystal chandeliers you see here were made by a man called Mark Carter who retired from miniatures a long time ago.

Friday, 16 March 2012

I promised close ups of the kitchen contents so here they are.  The dresser, table and sink unit were made by Jane Newman and the fine china is as I'm sure you will all know Stokesay Ware.  The copper lidded milk and cream pails are by Terry Curran.  I made the food myself.

I thought you might like to see the gorgeous silk curtains and blinds by Simply Silk Miniatures. They are different on each floor but all made from white silk with gold trim.

Across the hallway opposite the sitting room is the study which has been decorated with the men in mind.  This room did not really need much doing to it just the lighting, skirting boards and new flooring.  Where the old flooring is torn you can just see the copper tape system used for the electrics. The copper tape system is easy to use and means you don't have lots of wires hanging out the back of your house.  The painting over the fireplace is real.  I'll try and take close ups of everything in the house (promise) so you can see them more clearly.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

On the floor above the dining room and music room is the sitting room and study.  This is the sitting room which is designed very much with the ladies in mind.  If you look at the first picture you will see that this room has been changed completely.  I originally had a lovely creamy yellow wallpaper and floral wall panels that I made myself but when I couldn't track down the papers to recreate that look I went for just a pretty wallpaper instead.  I'm pleased with the new look but the room needs some paintings on the walls and some ornaments on the mantelpiece.  The rug will also be replaced when I find the right one to suit the room.  Maybe a French Aubusson style in pink and cream.

So, here's the basement area.  It has two rooms, a large kitchen and a smaller room which I think is going to be a servants dining/living room. I removed some old wood panelling and replaced it with new. The basement was a kit added on to the main house so I put a false door in the back to make it look like upstairs and downstairs were joined together.

I'll post some close ups of the kitchen contents soon.

The hallway was the most difficult to renovate.  When I took out the old floors, skirtings and doorframes some of the wallpaper tore quite badly.  The hall was originally decorated before the staircase was fixed in place and now this time I had to work around what was already there.  I hoped that when the skirtings and doorframes were put back in the tears would be covered up and in the main almost all of them were - phew!  Here's the downstairs hallway before and after.  I've yet to put mirrors or pictures or furniture in the hallway but am planning a side sweeping curtain to make it look like there is an entry way downstairs into the basement which I will show you next.
These are the ground floor rooms of the house, the dining room on the left and the music room on the right before and after renovation. 

 I had carefully taken out the crystal chandeliers when the dollshouse was packed away so these had to be put back in before the floors above could be laid.  I've never worked with the electrics before so was very nervous, especially as the chandeliers are so special, but when the wires were connected and the transfomer plugged in the lights came on and I was jumping for joy!

The chandeliers look amazing when they are switched on.

The inside of the Townhouse was in the process of being renovated so some wallpapers were staying, some were going, the floorboards were being replaced and the roof needed upgrading.

My first dollshouse, the Honeychurch Georgian Townhouse, started in 1996.  The house has been packed away in the loft for about five years due to a move but I am now keen to bring it to completion.  It's a gorgeous house, very refined looking, but the rooms are a tad too small for my liking.  As you can see, it was originally painted yellow but I have now painted it a deep cream and it's made a real difference to the feel of the house.