Saturday, 31 March 2012

As I've already shown you the beautiful music sheets that arrived in the post this week I thought I would show you the rest of the music room.  As I said before the rooms in the Georgian house are quite small so I have to be very selective about what furniture I add.  Apart from the harpsichord (which takes up most of the space) I have a black lacquered lowboy and matching firescreen and a spare dining chair which will probably be replaced by a much nicer chair some time in the future.  On the mantlepiece there is a lovely little box of cigars and two silver candlesticks (not real silver).  The mirror is by Tarbena and the picture above the lowboy is just a cheap one I bought at a fair but it looks expensive.  On the lowboy is a silver galleried tray holding wine, champagne and glasses.


  1. A gorgeous room full of treasures.

  2. This room is very elegant. I like the details and furniture.
    Bye Faby

  3. Thanks Drora and Faby. I've added a couple more details as I posted a little too quickly yesterday. Hope you're having a great weekend x

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