Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Look what arrived in the post!  The most beautiful little music sheets. They were made by Montserrat Folch who is a very talented miniaturist.  The music sheets are so beautiful and colourful I cannot find the words to describe them so I hope my pictures do them justice.   The harpsichord was made by Tony Scammels.  It is a replica of one played by Mozart.  I have waited twelve years to find the right music and these are so perfect they were worth the wait. Thanks Montserrat!


  1. Both harpicord and music sheets are stunning. I understand how hard it was to find suitable music sheets. Enjoy your treasures.

  2. Is a satisfaction for me to see the great illusion that makes you my work, is the most comforting for an artisan. Thank you and congratulations on this exquisite music room
    Best wishes