Saturday, 16 June 2012

Well, the sun shone very briefly yesterday so I tried to take some pictures of the sitting room.  I'm not sure if it's the colour of the sofa or the colour of the wallpaper in this room but however I take a picture it just doesn't do the room justice. 

The sofa and chair were made by Arlette in a dusky pink velvet.  It's a late Victorian style but I think it works equally well in a Regency setting.  The cushion on the chair is by Nicola Maskell (the stitches are unbelievably tiny) and the convex mirror by Tarbena.

I've added the 'Constable' painting I bought at Kensington but have failed to find anything nice to put on the mantelpiece so it looks a little bare.  The Queen Anne style tea table was made by Dovetail Miniatures.  You've seen the tea set in my Mothers Day post.  It was made by Avon Miniatures but I'm not sure who painted it although I think it was a Dutch or a German miniaturist.  If anyone does know please contact me. 

The blue and white biscuit barrel is a colaboration between Ken Palmer who made the silver lid and handle and Muriel Hopwood who made the porcelain.

The burr walnut sewing box is one of my favourite pieces.  It was made by Geoffrey Wannacott.  I'd like to get a small piece of embroidery being made to put in the box and some more sewing notions. 

And that's it for the sitting room for now.  I'm looking to add new items to the mantelpiece and maybe another painting plus I want to change the rug at some point as although I love this one it does not go with the other rugs in the house.


  1. Sofa and chair are fantastic. I like the sewing box.
    The room looks amazing.
    Bye Faby

  2. I'm in love with the pink sofa and chairs. I love that biscuit barrel. It's so unique. The room is so very well done. I love your colour scheme.

  3. Thanks Faby and Lucille. The items in this room are very much favourites of mine. Arlette has taken a break from making furniture which is a shame as there are not many good upholstery makers around. The sewing box is an example of how you can buy a very small item from one of the best makers in the world without spending too much money and the biscuit barrel is a perfect example of what happens when two great makers come together x

  4. Las sillas y el sofa, me encantan.
    Los colores para esa habitacion estan preciosos.
    Va a quedar fantastica.
    besitos ascension

  5. Hi there,
    I LOVE this gorgeous little room , so much attention to detail, the chair from Arlettes is exactly what I'm looking for for the dining room in 12 Worthington Road, a model of my Nan's house as I remember it when I was little. I tried to find them on the internet with no luck, can you help,
    many thanks..Johnny Clarke