Thursday, 5 July 2012

Hi everyone!  So, now we come to the top floor of the house where there are two bedrooms.  This is the gentleman's room.  There is a mahogany sleigh bed by Escutcheon, a Queen Anne cupboard by Trevor Jiggins and a fabulous little chest of drawers with a pull out shelf from Denis Jenvey.

 The mirror is no longer over the mantelpiece, I changed it for one of the pictures I bought at LDHF.  On the chest of drawers is a shaving stand by St Leger and a cutthroat razor that opens and closes by Danny Shotton.  There's a pair of gentleman's leather riding boots and a walking cane by the fireplace...

  ...the bedlinen is made from an old lace handkerchief simply folded over at the top edge with a piece of ivory fabric for the coverlet, the pillows are from the miniature bedding co. and on the bed is a mahogany breakfast tray with tea, toast and marmalade and the morning post.   Hope you like it x


  1. A sober and elegant room; perfect for a man.
    Bye Faby

  2. A beautiful room, elegantly appointed!

  3. Hello Karon
    I am a new miniature blogger visit me one day.
    Where is your Georgian house completed. It's so beautiful English, nice to see some culture, I have thoughts on upstairs - downstairs.
    Good luck

  4. Hi Wyma, thanks for following Dollshouse Diaries and welcome to the world of miniature blogging where everyone is so very friendly and supportive. I am originally from London but now live on the outskirts of Bath so yes my Georgian house is quintessentially English. I've set it around 1820 although if I really like something and I think it fits then in it goes! Look forward to following your progress.