Friday, 19 October 2012

Hi everyone, hope you're finding time to work on your mini projects.  I've been very busy here with life in general so I've neglected my dolls houses and my blog but now the weather is turning cold time to get playing again.

So now the tour of my Georgian house is finished (see older posts if you missed it) I would like to show you my French style house.

 I say it's French style but you will see as we go along I have chosen to decorate and furnish the inside of the house in particular in a style that is not predominantly French.  The reason for this is that I had a lot of nice pieces of furniture that I had purchased over the years and I wanted somewhere to put them.  So perhaps it's an English family living in a French house.  What do you think?

The outside of the house is just rough plaster.  I added the shutters and the black 'metal' railings you can see at the windows.  Outside there is a little space to put plants and maybe a bench (when I find one I like). You will see from the pictures I keep moving the plants as I can't seem to make my mind up what looks best where.

The hallway has a 'terracotta' floor that I made from paper.  I also made the settle from a kit by Jane Harrop.  It's a large hallway but I don't want to fill it too much as I don't like clutter.  Maybe a bicycle or a pram would look nice. And I need to make an umbrella to hang on the coat rack.

Bye for now x


  1. Oh, funny! As you wrote, you were going to broadcast a new post, and what a surprise, .... here's your French house. That telepathy! :)))

  2. The exterior of your house is fantastic. And the interior are very nice. I'm curious to see more.
    Bye Faby

  3. I'm very attracted to the exterior of your house, Karon. It's simple, but sweet. Personally, I prefer the plants on each side of the front door. I find that the plant on the left side looks lonely all by itself. I love your foyer and the floor you made with paper. The settle from a Jane Harrop kit is very nice. I have all her books and have built many things from them. One of the most difficult things I have built from her books is a cast iron bed. I thought I would go mad when I was drilling the holes in those tiny plastic Hama beads. Each bead had to be secured with that heavy grey tape. I tried putting them in a vise but it did not work. But then, that's miniatures!

  4. Hello, I've seen almost all your post and I love your houses: the paperwalls, the white courtains... and other details. What a taste! I'll folllow you.

  5. Your terracotta floor is so nice. The entrance is also very accommodating. Looking forward to see more.

  6. What a cozy house. I like the out- and inside very much.

    HAve a nice weekend Xandra

  7. Great house! I love he exterior, typically French. What is good with miniatures is that you can invent all kinds of stories, this way you don't need to have French furniture in it. By the way some French people love English furniture. I would love to see more of the inside of this house, I like very much what you showed us.