Saturday, 26 January 2013

Hi guys, not a good start to the new year for me as I had gastric flu (great way to lose weight!).   Hope yours has been better.  I've taken the Christmas decorations down so we're back to the tour of the French style house.  Here's the kitchen as it is now...

...I think I need some pictures and maybe a rug to 'warm' the room up a bit...

...the kitchen sink was plain wood which I stained and painted to make it look old.  I did the same with the plate rack and the table and chairs...

...the french food safe was made from a kit by Jane Harrop and then stained blue and sanded to look old...

...the enamel pots and pans were originally cream and dark green but I painted over the green with a french blue to match the food safe...

...on the drainer you can see a coffee grinder by Jane Newman and a little basket from Zara Ribeaud Thompson...


 ...on the aga sausages and eggs are cooking and the table is set for a simple breakfast...

...and the Schnauzer made by Annie Willis is waiting for his share... (I have two real life miniature schnauzers, Alfie and Oscar)...

And more baskets from Zara, I love her work don't you? 


  1. It all looks absolutely gorgeous. So many kitchen treasures you have. I love your wicker baskets, and your wall cabinet is so functional. All in all a lovely style you have made.


  2. Anche io ho iniziato il nuovo anno allo stesso modo, stessa influenza. Mi piace quello che hai fatto in questa cucina francese. Mi piace soprattutto il doppio lavapiatti, dove lo hai trovato?

    1. Hi Blanche. You can buy plain whitewood furniture from Rob Lucas and paint it yourself. It is very high quality and very good value. Here's the link to his website.


  3. I love your kitchen its totally gorgeous! I love the sink and and the cupboard its all lovely! I so want an Annie Willis dog now hes just fab!

  4. c'est une très belle cuisine ! Vous avez eu raison de peindre les dessus de la table et des chaises ... et les casseroles.
    J'aime beaucoup le petit meuble bleu grillagé.
    Le petit chien est superbe, bravo à la créatrice !

  5. Your kitchen is wonderful and very detailed.
    the dog is adorable.
    Bye Faby

  6. I fell in love with your kitchen and I think you are right a rug would warm it up just a bit

  7. It's a lovely kitchen with lots of little details and I like the sink treatment you added.

  8. Hi Karon, I have read your article in the doll's house magazine.
    I have enjoyed it.
    Your work is beautiful and detailed.
    I'm going to follow your blog, to see more and read more about your work.

    Greetings, Alexandra.

  9. Hi Alexandra lovely to have you on board. I just got the March issue of the magazine yesterday which shows the dining room and bedrooms and I'm really pleased with how both articles turned out. I am very lucky as one of my close friends is a professional photographer and he made the rooms look so real. To read more about the Georgian house just scroll down to 'older posts' or check out the archives.



  10. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful Karon!! The dog so adorable :)
    Have a lovely weekend, Jannet