Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hi everyone!

Sorry it's been a while but I'm having some work done on the bedroom in my real house and it's thrown everything into chaos.  I've not been able to get anywhere near my dollshouses even to take pictures so here's some of the children's bedroom that I took a while ago.

The lace draped crib is from Reverie and the single pine bed Jane Newman.  On the bed is a beautiful blanket with a blue stripe on the edge that looks and feels like the real thing.  It's from the Miniature Bedding Co...

 ...I like the little knitted clothing as my mum was a fantastic knitter...

 ...you can see the inside of the crib has a 'buttoned' mattress and a crochet blanket and bottle of milk...

...and here's the little silk teddy that you've seen before.  His arms and legs move so you can pose him...the pillow and pillowcase are from the Miniature Bedding Co...

...on the wall is an alphabet sampler by Caren Garfen.  The stitches are soooo tiny... and in the toybox is a dolly from my friend in Finland...

... but there's no baby.  You will have guessed by now that I don't do dolls in my dollshouse.  Is that like having a train set without the trains?

Have a great weekend.  I'm off to Miniatura next Saturday.  Maybe I'll see some of you there? x


  1. Your cradle is adorable. It is so fine all your knitted clothes, very fine patterns. A very beautiful room. Have a nice trip.

  2. Your babyroom is fantastic.

    Greetings Xandra

  3. A very lovely bedroom!
    I love pink... :)

    Have a nice day,
    Hugs Lina

  4. Lovely room and items, enjoy the show.

  5. I am always fascinated by cribs and yours is beautiful! It's a lovely room with lovely accessories!

  6. The bedroom is just beautiful. I like the crib and the knitted clothes.
    Bye Faby

  7. It's a very sweet and gorgeous bedroom.

  8. Hello Karon,
    The room and all the accessories are just wonderful and so life like. I think dolls add life to a dollhouse, but ruin the effect of realism. I think, in your case, the work is so realistic and charming that the dolls are not necessary.
    big hug,

  9. I think this is the most gorgeous dolls house nursery I have ever seen and the teddy is soooo cute.

  10. Hi everyone and thanks for all your lovely comments x

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