Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hi everyone.

I went to the London Dolls House Festival last week (did you?) Now normally I would be showing you all the amazing things I bought there but this time there's not much to show as I hardly spent any money at all.  In fact I spent the grand sum of  £28.60!  Here's what I bought...

...in the hallway I had some plain wooden crates for my wine bottles.  Nice enough but boring.  At the festival I found these great little crates with wine names and vineyards printed on them.  It's a small change but it makes a big difference.  You can get them from www.cinen.it

...I then found a jar of creme fraiche and a french biscuit box from Carol Cook that make a lovely addition to the breakfast table (and I bought my friend a bunch of carrots from Carol as she liked them so much)...

...the little pudding basins are from Stokesay Ware and I didn't actually buy them they were bought for me (my friend and I always buy each other little gifts).  They are very simple in their design.  I will have to make a pudding in one of them and the others can go on display...

...and I'm afraid thats it.  The sum total of six hours shopping at the festival but it's not all about spending money it's about the people you meet, the wonderful things you see and spending time with friends...x


  1. You'll have to teach me how to do that...I spent a lot more than you did ;-) But I totally agree with you, it is also about the fun you have meeting people, seeing great miniatures and spending time with friends.

    You did find some lovely miniatures!

  2. I do agree, it's all about being there at KDF (even better, I find, with a sympathetic companion so that you can exchange comments as you go!). Like you, I had to impose a financial limit on myself, in my case I took only a set amount of cash and stayed strictly off the plastic. It helps to pre-order stuff so the stand-holder has it ready for you, but as you can read in my blog (mydollshousekitandcaboodle.blogspot.co.uk) I still didn't quite manage to escape impulse-free! I love all your purchases (the wine boxes are great)and especially as you have a particular purpose in mind for each one - it's all looking good Karon.

  3. Hi Chas, thanks for your comment. I usually spend around £500 at Kensington (gulp) but this time my budget was £100 and as I said I didn't even come close. I think it helps that I am not looking for furniture at the moment as my two houses are almost complete in that department and I'm not in any particular rush so I can wait until something really grabs my attention like the wine boxes and creme fraiche.

  4. I like your purchases. Nice choice.
    Bye, Faby

  5. Prachtige miniaturen heb je gekocht. Ik wens je er veel plezier mee.

    Groeten Xandra

  6. Lovely purchases and you showed remarkable restraint!