Saturday, 12 October 2013

Goodness, it's been a while since I posted.  Three things have been happening here:

One - I thought I might be moving real house to a much smaller one so put a stop to any new miniatures projects (I have a shop waiting in the wings) because I wasn't sure I would have the space. 

Two - my Georgian house and my French style house are close to completion so no more work to do there other than the buying of all the little extras that make the houses look 'lived in' and a minor alteration or improvement here and there.

Three - the biggest sin of all - I started two new hobbies that seem to be taking up all of my time and money (dressmaking and knitting).

So that's why I've not been updating my blog.  I've had nothing to show you.  Until now that is. 

The French style house is being featured in the Christmas issue of The Dolls House Magazine and as you all know taking pictures of our miniatures is not  as easy or straightforward as we would like to believe.  Enter my friend Christoper Jones, photographer for the Telegraph newspaper here in the UK, and after six hours (!) and dozens and dozens of photographs here's a sneak preview (click on picture to get closer view) hope you like them x


  1. Adorabile la tua casetta francese. Spero che continui a postare anche i più infinitesimali cambiamenti delle tue piccole proprietà , anche se sono finite e hai dei nuovi hobby. Un gran peccato perdere l'occasione di godere del tuo buon gusto nello scegliere le miniature. Complimenti per la pubblicazione! :-)

  2. A very beautiful and elegant house.
    Greetings, Faby

  3. oh my goodness, it's beautiful!

    Marisa :)